Tim Howe

About me

I'm a professional software developer living in Cambridge, Massachussetts. This is very recent as for the previous couple of years I lived in Providence. I've spent some time in the area but this is my first time living here so I'm having a lot of fun exploring.

I offer technology services through my company, Quadium Technology, LLC. I've worked with family restaurants and hotels, technology startups, game studios, professional organizations, and nonprofits.

Recently I've been spending most of my time working full-time on an exciting project in the medical diagnostics field. I'm enjoying the new aspects of interfacing with robotics and considering different types of human-machine interaction, not to mention learning something new about medicine every week it seems.

Interesting work leads me all over the world. So far I've lived in the San Francisco bay area, Colorado, Florida, Rhode Island, and now Cambridge. I've traveled to most everywhere in Florida and Colorado, plus Atlanta, Austin, Seattle, Chicago, Indianapolis, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., and London. I've also been to New Zealand and Fiji but those were just for fun.

I can be reached at vsync@quadium.net.

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Tim Howe   –   <vsync@quadium.net>