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Qwest is without doubt the worst phone company I have ever had to work with.


My family has been limping along with a 56k dialup for years now, and with me festering in their basement at the moment, that means 8 people are trying to squeeze through that line. For these same years, Qwest has been advertising DSL. Problem is, the equipment they installed in the newer neighborhoods was unable to handle it, and they never bothered upgrading it, just kept advertising the availability of DSL.

So finally they get their act together, and my dad signs up. Sometime in the middle of June I plug everything in and try to connect, expecting to be up and running in a few minutes. Nope. It says that the line quality is 0dB, and for some reason it thinks we've got a 4000kbps/1000kbps connexion. I wish. I call Qwest and they make a few changes.

The next day I try again, and this time it notes that we have a 640/256 account and the line trains up properly, but we don't receive any packets and therefore PPP can't even authenticate. So far I've been using their included software, on the assumption that it would be complicated and scary to set it up manually to start with. At this point, I get out the manual and follow the instructions for resetting the NVRAM on the router and setting up the account.

Nothing I try works, so I call Qwest again. They mumble that there is something wrong with the translation on the remote terminal. They make notes in the file and tell me that it should be working tomorrow. It's not, so the next day I call again and they rediscover the problem and reassure me that now it will be working soon. This process is repeated for a week or so.

I give up for a few days, and then a woman calls from Qwest. She explains once again that the remote terminals are set up improperly, that many Qwest customers are unable to connect due to these misconfigurations, and, oh, that it will take 10 days to destroy our account and 3 days to set it up again, because apparently It Must Be Done From Scratch.

13 days later, it still does not work, so I call them again. They have me power-cycle the router several times, then reset all the settings, and finally decide to send a tech out.

The tech shows up, takes a look at things, says "yup, it's broken", and suggests we call Qwest and have an actual DSL tech sent out. "Isn't that you?", I ask. "Naw, I'm just a POTS guy. Nobody's really trained on this new equipment anyway."

I call again, and this time they transfer me to someone they apparently think is competent. He makes various "ah-ha!" noises and announces that the problem should be fixed by the next morning. One can guess whether this turns out to be true.

So I call the number they gave me to check on the status once more and to make loud noises about the poor service which they have now decided to start sending us bills for. He insists that I did not mean to call this number, and in fact want Qwest.net, the ISP. I mention that they gave me this number and a ticket number, and he tells me that this cannot possibly be the case. I deliver a mild smackdown, and he finally deigns to listen to the ticket number and transfer me. Finally the guy in the NOC picks up, asks for my ticket number, and promptly hangs up on me.

The neighbor 2 doors down from us has a perfectly working DSL connexion. I know because she paid me to set it up for her. Right now we're looking into getting Sprint's microwave setup. Which is good, because Qwest seems to be throwing their customers to the wolves anyway.

cbos>sh in wan0-0
WAN0-0  ATM Logical Port
        PVC (VPI 0, VCI 32) is open.
        ScalaRate set to Auto
        AAL 5         UBR Traffic
        PPP LCP State: Request Sent
        PPP NCP State (IP Routing): Starting
        PPP MRU: 2048    HDLC Framing: enabled    MPOA Mode: VC Mux
        PPP Login: hroger20
        Authentication Type: Autodetecting/PAP
        RADIUS: disabled
        PPP Tx: 7344             Rx: 0       
        Dest IP:
        Dest Mask:
        IP Port Enabled

Qwest delenda est!

The MVT Incident

Movie Video Traders paid me to wire the network and phones in their new office. Everything was ready to go Monday morning, when the phone company had promised them dialtone would be available.

A Qwest truck drove by sometime that day, but no phone lines. Finally they called Qwest and found out that:

  1. Qwest apparently waited to show up until Monday morning, when everything was supposed to be finished.
  2. All 100 remaining lines running into the building were bad.
  3. They had no cable in their truck, and didn't feel like going back to get any.
  4. Even hooking the message service back up to the now-dangling phone numbers would be vastly more complicated than they should be made to do.

As of this writing, it doesn't sound as if they're going to have any phone service whatsoever for at least a week from when it was supposed to be there.

Qwest delenda est!

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