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Wed 2003-01-08 - 21:27

exciting news

I got a new car. Then I got engaged.

The car is a 1995 Honda Civic EX coupe from the John Elway Honda in Westminster. It's black, and other than some almost unnoticeable hood dents from what looks like a hailstorm, it's in perfect condition. Single-owner, and the dealership replaced all the seals and gaskets and whatnot before I got it. The plastic on the inside is all black and sleek-looking, and I have a sunroof. I'm stylin'.

Before I got it, Joie's family was trying to convince me to avoid "them foreign cars with the alumium heads because they warp". Not that not having the "alumium heads" stopped Joie's mom's car from kerploding on the highway. They seem to have given up on me now, though, and they can't really say much when I have the best-running vehicle around (which I'd better for a while, since I got the warranty). (36mi/g, too. Ha!) Under my hood everything is all shiny...

Joie and I got engaged at midnight on New Year's. We went to her friends' house and we all watched some movies, then at midnight she and I went outside to have a kiss under the, um, clouds and snow. I gave her the ring (sterling silver with an opal inlay) and asked her The Question, and got another (very enthusiastic) kiss for my trouble. Then somebody set off fireworks down the street, so it all worked out pretty well.

No, we haven't settled on a date yet.

road trip

Joie's car was shaking horribly, so she had it towed to Laramie for them to fix it under warranty. Turns out she has a bent rim, and they think she ran off the road and banged everything up. Which I know she didn't, because she's cautious to a fault. She doesn't even like to wait until after acceleration to upshift because "it uses more gas". Oh well.

This is complicated by the fact that her "new car" had 400mi on the odometer, a baby stroller in the trunk, and a little clip on the visor stating "I'm Catholic. In the event of an accident, contact a priest.". I'm guessing the previous owner, er, driver, did it, but proving it might be difficult.

So for right now she's going to pay for the repair, and early tomorrow morning we get to go to Laramie and pick up her car. I'm copying music to my player right now.

Earlier today I bought a subscription to Mapopolis and downloaded all the maps along our route, as well as trial versions of their city guides. Mapopolis seems far superior to Quo Vadis, a branded version of which came with my GPS Companion. Turn-by-turn directions, route highlighting, business locations and phone numbers, and a much faster interface. Tonight on the way to work I'll see how good the GPS integration is.

Off to shower and get ready for work.

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