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Wed 2002-04-24 - 19:12

Wow. Long time no write.

So I've started going out with Joie, a wonderful girl whom I met on eCRUSH. It seems dumb, but it's actually a decent setup. It seems their business model depends on pop-ups, though, a fact which I didn't even notice until I happened to visit the site one day using one of Office Depot's crippled Win2K kiosks. Yay Mozilla, yay tabbed browsing, and yay pop-up blocking.

Joie lives in Craig, which is a bit far, especially since I've been pretty much going out to see her every week. It's actually really nice to get out of town every so often though, and every week I find something that really needs to be fixed on my car.

So last weekend I took Joie to her senior prom. Got the tux at the last minute with no problems, dinner went great, and we had a lot of fun at the dance. Completely dead on my feet by the time it ended though.

Anyway, I'm going out again tonight, and coming back before work tomorrow. (Her family has extra rooms they let me crash in, which makes it very convenient for me.) We'll see how much better the new tires are.

Since I have to get ready for work, I think I'll leave my car stuff until another entry. But I like my new tires a lot.

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