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Tue 2002-03-26 - 21:50

I don't like HP at all. Let's rephrase that. HP is a slap in the face to Hewlett and Packard, and to those loyal professionals who have enjoyed their products for years. Carly Fiorina should be dragged out and flogged, and I would welcome the opportunity to send their stock hurtling to 1¢/share.

HP sent back all the rebate forms for my camera, saying that "the P4P rebate bonus certificate sent does not match the product purchased". Which it did. Here's how the phone call to them went:

Me: It says I didn't have the right forms, and I did.
"Mike": Do you have all the various forms?
Me: Yes.
"Mike": Okay, that's our mistake. Just send everything in again.
Me: And it's not going to get bounced again? I'm going to quote you on this.
"Mike": No, it's fine.
Me: So it works out nicely for everyone then. You get to earn interest on my money for another 8 months.
"Mike": *splutter*

I would also like to note the following:

<DJ-Pyro> vsync: SAME THING happened to me

Moving on, I'm sick today. Some kind of demented flu thing where I'm shivering convulsively and also sweating. And the store manager was making threatening remarks when I called in, to the point where I'm pretty convinced that Office Depot may fire me for being sick. So instead of resting and focusing on getting better, I've spent my day hunting through want ads and employment Web sites.

Because, you know, I'm just a slacker at work. I'm not doing my part by selling to the invisible gnomes who seem to be our only customers of late, and I certainly never take steps on my own initiative to try to improve the workplace and my own efficiency.

I'm having such a wonderful day.

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