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Sun 2002-02-24 - 09:24

Might as well update and move on.... Felisa dumped me a month ago. Harshly. Yes, it did hurt, but it was becoming obvious that things couldn't progress as they were. I think it had a great chance, but that takes two, and it seems that for some time I was the only one putting effort into the relationship. So.

Still working at Office Depot, and it pretty much drives me up the wall. Anyone with employment possibilities is welcome to contact me. Working retail has been good for 2 things, though: getting used to talking to people, and, well, getting used to being bored out of my mind. Not so sure the second one is good, come to think of it.

I've been writing some software in the various bits of free time I could scrape up: a package to archive, catalog, and organize the photos from my digital camera; a package to dynamically generate an HTML version of my résumé; and bits of my Web server backend. I also got sick of entering SKUs into the Memo Pad and then going through this list later for painful data entry, so I wrote a custom Scheme app for my Visor, using the wonderful LispMe environment. Most of this software should be ready for inital public release shortly; just have to add documentation or whatever.

Okay, off to clean room.

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