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Thu 2001-11-08 - 12:00

It snowed! When I went for dinner last night at ~18:30, I was somewhat surprised to note that it was raining hard. Then at 21:20, Nate asked me if I could give him a ride home (on his last day working at Office Depot; congratulations, Nate!), because of the snow. "Snow?" Sure enough. It made driving a little weird (whooshed right through a red light and finally came to a stop in the middle of the intersection; hrmm, I'll just drive on through then), but it sure looks nice today.

Felisa and I didn't run last night. We did hang out for a few minutes of glorious giggles and fun, though. She sent me an SMS while I was working today, which kept me cheerful for pretty much the rest of the evening. I love her so much.

Last night I cooked myself a baked potato for dinner, with 2 kinds of cheeses (Cheddar and Kraft "Parmesan"), olives, oregano, and the requisite Tabasco. This morning I made "bacon" and scrambled eggs with pineapple, olives, oregano, and Tabasco. Felisa mentioned that this is a difference between she and myself: she just wants food Right Now and grabs whatever's available, while I want to make every snack into a full meal. I don't think this is so much the case. It's just that when I lived in San Francisco for a year, I got tired of eating out every night, and I never got a microwave, so I ended up adapting to at least some rudimentary cooking. It doesn't really seem to take up much more time, either, because I do other stuff while things are cooking and whatnot.

So yesterday I suddenly noticed that something seemed odd with the battery icon on my Visor. Somehow it had PalmOS 3.1 on it instead of PalmOS 3.5. So they sent me a new one, which I have yet to set up. This makes my 4th unit from the original purchase ~1mon ago. The one I bought Felisa is working perfectly, of course. :/

Mon 2001-11-12 - 22:21

Meh. I had a good day today, but some bad things happened. I think I'll leave the current caption on my cam.

On to other topics.

I returned the 315 to work today, because it had a few dud pixels. In the upper left of each picture, there was a bright green dot and a slightly bigger bright blue dot. But it's only really visible in dark pictures, and I didn't notice until today. It's okay anyway, because HP was stupid (of course, what can we expect from the company that spun off all the cool toys into Agilent and then killed off ACO after slapping their loyal following with the 49G?) and removed the rebate coupons for the 315 from their site. So I should have the 612 tomorrow and be possessing of optical zoom goodness.

I hurt my back at work and went to the doctor on Friday. He put me on light duty and gave me lots of ibuprofin. My back feels better now, in the sense that there isn't a constant stabbing pain, but it feels worse in the sense that there is this weird tightness in all the muscles. I've been very careful of my posture and such, too. I see him again tomorrow morning, so we'll see what he says.

Okay, time to watch "Karate Kid" and hack on Twizzle.

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