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Sat 2001-08-04 - 01:26

yes, it was fully locked into position, thanks

I've finally started earning a bit of money for myself again. I wired the new office for these guys (friends of Felisa's family). Everything was working perfectly by the Monday deadline, except that Qwest decided to be more incompetent than usual and not hook up any phone lines.

These people had one of the more rickety metal ladders in the world, and one day as I was alone with my head stuck in the ceiling, it decided to twist out from under me. I was able to balance and climb back down the ladder, which was nice, because it would have been a nasty fall with my feet all tangled up in Cat5-E. So they saw fit to mention to Felisa's mom that I "don't know how to use a ladder". This despite the fact that none of them were even in the building at the time.

So my girlfriend's mother now has it on good authority that I am incompetent with ladders. Whee.

just think of his children!

I've been to a few demonstrations to get Dmitri sprung, one in Denver and one at Boulder's Pearl Street Mall. I'll post pictures of the one in Denver when I get them developed.

if farmer bob sells surface rights to the train people, how many cubic feet can he sue the phone company for laying cable in?

I tagged along with Felisa and Jes to the Barnes&Noble so they could do their various AP homework. I brought my physics book. I actually read the chapter and did the problems. This pleased me, since I did spend a lot of money for this edification of my mind. It was mainly just unit problems and simple math review, but I feel smart now.

Sleep calls... It's off to Water World in 6 hours!

Wed 2001-08-22 - 00:07

sweet sweet employment

I'm exhausted. I started my new job at Office Depot yesterday, and since this store doesn't even exist yet, we get to do physical labor to set it up. It's the new one across the street from the Flatirons mall (as a side note, who else finds this bizarre and creepy?) in Broomfield, right down the street from the Sun campus where I worked. Neat.

Once it opens, I'm going to be a cashier, and my current long-term plan is to try to get into computer sales, after they see me get some retail experience. Doodly do.

qwest == poop, kthx

Qwest finally did get the MVT situation fixed, a week and a half late, and I hooked up their Internet setup with absolutely no trouble (they've got a 66MHz 486DX with Slackware 8.0 running their entire LAN and doing NAT; just for kicks, let's spec out a Win2K machine to do that). As a personal touch or something, Qwest decided to set it up so that despite the 6 voice lines running into the office, if even one of them is in use, their phone line appears as busy. I don't know if they've fixed that yet.

On a personal note, the Sprint peoples are scheduled to come at 0900 tomorrow and hook up the microwave goodness. I have to be at work, so I'm expecting to come home to a blazingly fast streaming media joyfest.

Sun 2001-08-26 - 00:06

So so tired. I've been working pretty much solid all week, and because of that I've been too tired to do much of anything but tumble into bed (cot). Luckily the hard part (shelves, etc) is pretty much done, and we're just going around putting up little signs and sweeping up trash and the like. Today pretty much flew by, but that might be partly because I didn't show up until 13:30.

Felisa and I went to taijutsu again today (finally!). The instructor was back from Japan, so we got a chance to see whether our initial estimate of this dojo's quality was correct (it was). There were some actual bruises inflicted today. I'm looking forward to attending regularly.

Sprint apparently showed up an hour or so late to install that microwave connexion, but other than that there's absolutely nothing to complain about. It's been working flawlessly since then, at ridiculous speeds, and on top of all that we get a genuine static IP. Please compare and contrast this with Qwest, in 500 words or more.

Due to work, I haven't gotten to really take advantage of the new basement broadband, but I'm hoping to on Monday, my first day off since I started working (and my only one next week). Once the store is actually up and running, we're supposed to have 2 off days per week.

I've been taking pictures as the construction progressed; I'll post them here as soon as I get them developed (along with the 2 other rolls of film that I have (must ... own ... digital camera)). It's been going quite quickly, and Chris (store manager) told us all that this ties for the fastest setup of an Office Depot that he's ever seen, and that one had twice the people we do. So we feel productive and such.

Stop in to the new Office Depot in Broomfield when it opens next month and maybe you'll run into me...

Tue 2001-08-28 - 00:46

<vsync> HLEP HLEP
<vsync> the crickets are chirping at me

So ends my first day off after a week of work. It's nice. I wasn't able to get some of the things done I wanted to (take the drive test, reorganize my basement lair), but I did some of the things I wanted to (hack on Twizzle, get outside a little, deal with the Cingular madness).

The job's going really well. So far it's consisted of long hours of hard physical labor (putting up shelves, hauling trash, &c), but everyone seems cool so far and I actually get to leave work at the workplace for once. I'm starting an essay comparing this job to my previous ones, but for now I'll just mention that after a week of being too tired to do anything but sleep each night, I rode my bike over to a chain coffee store which actually has decent beverages and got more done in a few hours than I was generally able to do in a week at Wego. And it was all hardcore productivity, too; I did nothing but add functionality.

Cingular is a serious contender for the worst phone company award. I actually didn't have that many problems when I was actually using their service (aside from the horrible coverage, ridiculous rates, and painfully stupid marketing), but as I was trying to pay the remaining monthly charges from my deprecated San Francisco wireless account, I discovered that the "pay online" link on their "Web site" led to one of those annoyingly pretty error pages with a million graphics and banners and navigation aids, and that the only phone number us huddled masses are apparently allowed to call (1-866-CINGULAR) just leads to a notice that "This service is not available in your area. If you are calling from outside our coverage area, please dial *611 from your mobile phone to reach Cingular customer support."

Except that it doesn't. It goes to the roaming provider (once I reinsert the Cingular SIM card), which in my case is VoiceStream, a wireless provider which seems to actually care about customer satisfaction. The rates aren't too horrible, the coverage is excellent, they are available in most of the country, and they are preparing to roll out service in California. As soon as they do, Cingular is dead.

I've discovered that I'm updating this a lot more since our access got fast enough to make TRAMP non-painful. I don't know if it's the lag, or the fact that I like my Emacs colors to be just so, or just the fact that there are more 3D borders to things, but I find editing files locally to be vastly preferable to running the editor remotely. Not that you could ever convince me to move to Windows or something where you don't get a remote shell. I love remote shells. Anyway. Check it out.

Tue 2001-08-28 - 22:34

They sent us home early from work today, because they want us to be well rested for tomorrow. This makes me a little nervous... Anyway, we're getting our first shipment of merchandise tomorrow, and we get to rush about with pallet jacks getting everything neatly arranged. There are 5 or 6 trucks scheduled for tomorrow.

I decided to surprise Felisa when she got out of school, but I had a few hours, so I went to Subway and the aforementioned coffee haunt. At Subway, I saw a big Office Depot truck driving down Wadsworth, and felt a great sense of foreboding.

By the way, did you know that if you order 30 subs (10 beef, 10 turkey, and 10 ham) and 30 bags of chips (in a big bag with 5 of each kind), the total will come to $182.02?

I had a caramely coffeey frozenish drink and banged out some more Lisp. Then I met Felisa, we festered around for a bit, and we went to her play audition/rehearsal. She can't play bad guys. It's complicated.

Anyway, I'm heading to bed early (very early, since "early" tends to be defined by me as "before 0300"). I've got a big day tomorrow. ;-)

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