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Thu 2001-05-10 - 03:30

Hello. My name is Tim Howe, and I pronounce "Wego" as "We Went".

For some time, I had been dissatisfied with my situation at Wego; the company's goals had shifted from what they were when I was hired, and my career didn't seem to be going anywhere. I've had a few job offers, and so I put together my resumé, mailed it off, and began planning my departure, to occur after finishing off and checking in a stealth feature.

Then on Monday, Brendan and I were checking our mail over at his house before running and saw a message about a "mandatory meeting". This happens occasionally, but something had seemed very very wrong for weeks, and we actually drove over to the office. The place was completely deserted, except for a few people who basically confirmed that if we hadn't been told we were staying, we were leaving.

So I cleaned out my desk.

Tuesday, Barry told us what we already knew, and we wandered around for the rest of the day. I got yelled at for playing taps.

Amusingly enough, I had scheduled an appointment for 1100 on Tuesday, the exact time of our last meeting. A private investigator wanted to interview me about the accident I saw. It actually turned out quite well that I wrote down my experience the exact day it happened, along with such details as whether the light was red or not. Anyway, I had the distinctive experience of saying, "Sorry, can you excuse me for a moment? I have to go get fired. Shouldn't take long, probably about 15 minutes."

Today was pretty simple. My belongings had been preemptively boxed, so I just hung around, talked to people, and turned in my laptop. I still have to yank anything I need off my workstation, but I've still got SSH access, so I'll do that tomorrow. It's nice to relax.

Since I was already preparing to leave, I hit the ground running. This just took care of any quitter's guilt and relieved me of the need to finish up (somewhat sad, though; I was actually quite interested in this bit of code). Barry thinks I should get some sort of free-form think tank research make cool little prototypes and then let the ADD take over and move on to something shinier type of position. I'm just happy I finally have the kick in the pants to move to Colorado.

As far as any other opinions I may or may not have about Wego,

I will not make any negative or disparaging remarks about Wego Systems, Inc., or any of its officers, employees, directors, products, services or business practices.

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