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Sat 2001-04-07 - 04:11

<vsync> i have to use XML
<vsync> it's nasty stuff
<vsync> see, i've actually used _real_ s-exprs
<vsync> once you've used those, everything else is like, well, licking feet

Blah, lots of stuff happened lately. My wrists are all better (the doc thought the scaphoid was fine and that they were just sprained) and my elbow is fully functional, but still kind of bruisey and weak. I've been wanting to do pushups for a while and haven't been able to. Also, which is unnerving, it does this little popping thing every so often. I wonder if there's leftover fluid in there or what. I want it to go away. I don't want to be crippled again later. It was really just a little tiny fracture.

The other day I was going to catch Muni, and I noticed that one of the TVMs had the Award BIOS boot screen. I thought this was funny, because for some reason I assumed these things were using something embedded, and I found it amusing that it would have done something which warranted a reboot. Then AUTOEXEC.BAT things started scrolling by, and I laughed out loud. Then it tried to start Windows, and blew itself out of the water. There was some message about a corrupted system file. And it rebooted. Again and again and again. I watched this in amusement for quite some time.

Play with BeOS. It's shiny.

I went to the eye doctor yesterday. That was pretty neat. I should have new glasses sometime next week. The ones I have now are plastic, and even though they're like half the thickness of the glass lenses I used to have, they're still very thick, and they're horribly scratched. Also the frames are bent way out of shape. My new ones will be made of some high-index polycarbonate thing, and will be even thinner and lighter, as well as less prone to scratching. I'm also getting a trial pair of contacts, which I'm very excited about. I might actually be able to wear sunglasses soon.

Micros~1 aside, I've run across a number of really horrible vendor solution paradigms lately. My professional advice is to avoid like the plague HP OpenMail, @Home, @Work, and above all WebTrends. WebTrends is an obscenity.

Wed 2001-04-18 - 14:56

Yay for having my taxes done on time and them being ready to send in. Yay for the post office being closed and having to go to the other one, all the way across town. Yay for missing the last train back to San Francisco.

So I was stuck on the Wego futons. This is not at all a bad thing, as I do not spurn any soft place to sleep. The difficulty lay in the fact that I didn't actually sleep, instead tripping on, well, nothing, with people in #kuro5hin. This was very strange.

Of course, going to sleep after 0600 and waking up at 0920 left me pretty much useless for the day. I was incredibly twitchy, more than usual. They sent me stack traces and things, and I sent back "give me more logs plzkthx". This allowed me to feel productive and superior.

Brendan was finally back from Boston (yay for Seybold, yay for licking the boots of soulless corporate vampires) and we went running. I've become addicted to running, and it was nice to put some actual stress on my body again.

I ate dinner at Brendan's house: some really great ahi tuna. I had my first wasabi experience, where they said "just barely dip it in there, if this is your first time", and I accidentally dropped the chunk of fish right into the wasabi+soy mix and let it soak and fester. All in all, though, wasabi > *.

So we went to the train station, and the train was not there. We waited 20min, and the train was still not there. Caltrain is such a vile festering excuse for a transportation system. How dare they have the word "train" in their name? They're not a train; they're a glorified bus. I tell them from buses by the greater quantity of pollution belching from their maw. And buses come more often.

I ended up on Brendan's floor for the night, since his foreign girlfriend's foreign sister is using up their perfectly good American sofabed. Apparently the (%*$@&$@**train!@@!*$^@!^$%@^ went by around 0015. Prionated infectious rustbucket railriding joke.

Somebody got hit by the train the other day. There was human detritus spread for like half a mile. I saw 4 or 5 trains waiting while they hosed him off the tracks.

Oh, and my glasses weren't ready yet, and they never told the lab that I wanted trial contacts. Now I have to wait until next Monday. Which doesn't help me for this weekend's trip; I'll have to look all bum-like in my old glasses. Blah.

I can't believe how tragically wasteful of its existence Netscape 4 is. Mozilla is even more pathetic; they went and rewrote the entire rendering engine, and produced the shining jewel of perfection that is Gecko. And then they surrounded it with layers and layers of XML and JavaScript and CSS and UI overlayage. I like native widgets. I really like a browser that respects X resources, but I'll settle for one that will at least not override my choice of widget theme. Why is this a difficult concept?

I'm running Netscape 3 now. Its one failing is not being able to Button2 the X selection into any handy Navigator window, an issue that I think can be remedied by judicious .Xdefaults hacking (see above). That aside, it is without a doubt the best browser ever.

[Okay, we just went running again. Pain and soreness rock. I can feel the shirking being driven from my body.]

Caltrain must die. This time the train was early. I cannot believe they would be this unreliable. At least it wasn't the last train of the night. At least I can go home and pack for my trip to Colorado on Thursday. I'm going to be watching, though. The next time Caltrain is late and causes missing of an event, I will sue them. This is ridiculous.

Yay for Thai food.

Sun 2001-04-22 - 23:19


Back to California... :-(

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