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Fri 2001-03-09 - 16:09

<klingon> vsync: how did it happen?
<vsync> bicycle. handlebars. flying.
<panner> well that's what you get for trying to do three things at once

It's times like this I wish I had a head-mounted cam. Last night I was at the office, moving myself to an actual desk with actual space. I was pondering just staying the night to get that done, because I also had some CVS-log-parsing Lisp to write (interesting, CVS logs are some of the more poorly laid out things to parse).

Hollman convinced me that I should not stay, but rather hurry home, and I decided that was a good idea. As I was finishing things up, Trollaxor showed up in #kuro5hin, and I toyed with him for a while before finally banning him and leaving (can't have him assaulting the channel if I'm not around to keep an eye on him).

So I'm riding as quickly as possible for the train station when I see something in front of me. I realize that it's the curb, which is fairly short in this part of town, and that it has curved out right in front of me. I don't want to hit it and go flying, so I hit the brakes and go flying. I get about a tenth of a second in which to think: Uh-oh. I'm falling. That's the ground. I don't want to hit the ground! Owowowowowowowow*thump*

So I lay there for a while (Oh look, my laptop bag. I wonder if the computer is okay? It sure makes a nice pillow...) listening to my train go by. Then I hear a largish engine behind me, and I look to see a semi coming straight for me. Yippee. So I do the patented Commando-Roll, drag myself out from under the bike, and pull everything onto the curb.

It's then that some helpful bystanders holler to me from across the street: "Are you okay? Did you fall off your bike?" Um, no. Of course not. It was another entirely different activity, which coincidentally also terminates in laying on the ground tangled up in bicycle. After straightening the tire, everything seems okay, so I ride back to the office.

Once there, I noticed that various things were swelling and such, so Anjai gave me a ride to the emergency room. 3 hours later, I find out that I have an occult radial fracture on my right elbow and a possible fracture to the scaphoid bone in my left wrist. They put my right arm in a sling and my left wrist in a splint, and I went back to the office to sleep.

That's about it... Got some nifty Vicodin and I'm trying to do non-arm-related activities. There aren't many of them. Yes, I know this took a long time to get typed and uploaded. Go away.

Tue 2001-03-20 - 01:02

It's very bad to have both your arms bound in some fashion if everything you do depends on typing. Most of my friends are on IRC, and my job consists of thinking things and typing them in. The situation was further compounded by having completely adjusted to having a Dvorak keymap on a QWERTY keyboard. This is fine if I can do the whole home row thing, but when one arm is in a sling and the other wrist is in a splint... And the whole time, as I violate all medical sense by ignoring the sharp stabbing pains in my wrists in order to keep some semblance of my life going, I can't stop thinking I don't want to end up like Ben Wing...

I honestly don't know what I'd do if I lost the ability to type. From what I've heard, speech recognition is still a joke, and there seem to be only a few options if I'd want to keep using real operating systems. (Plus, would I really want to risk running things like rm via voice?) The one advantage I can thing of is that I spend a lot of time procrastinating and slacking. Increasing the difficulty of input would hopefully have the effect of concentrating my energies on Productive Things.

And as I type this, my wrists are feeling hot little bursts of pain. I just put the splint back on my left wrist, due to the intense pain in the scaphoid area.

I took the sling off during the weekend, since I remembered the ER doc saying something about a week, and it was really a matter of diminishing returns. I can move my right arm around, but can't really straighten it all the way, and there's some soreness in the shoulder and wrist. I have a bone scan for my left wrist tomorrow. It was supposed to be a week ago, but I missed the appointment information on my voice mail.

And now, on a completely unrelated note, Wego went bowling on Friday. I, obviously, did not participate, but I did engage in the consumption of burritos.

I'll be flying out to Colorado again this weekend, and it sounds like Besa will be able to pick me up this time, due to Priceline actually finding me a decent schedule. Friday Friday Friday Friday.

I'm at work again tonight. I'm going to have to pester Venkat into letting me officially have the "night shift". I work better at night, I'm unable to keep from staying late anyway, the fluorescent lights hurt my head, and the weather is too great recently to be trapped in the office during the daytime.

Whoa. That was weird. I uploaded this and locked the screen for a second, having just set up webcollage, and the very first image that popped up was the Wego logo.

[Wego Systems]

I'm going to retreat back into the world of Lisp now.

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