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Sun 2001-02-07 - 16:56

This entry languished on my Visor for several days because I was lazy.

I just hate missing the train by 30sec and having to wait 30min for the next one. Which isn't even an express. At least I'm leaving the office while it's still light out; I haven't done that for a while. I think I'll buy pants when I get home.

I had an interesting weekend. I'm sure anyone who cares has already found out, so I won't get in trouble for mentioning that Wego nuked its entire sales force and some others. This was somewhat unnerving, considering that it came as a complete surprise to everyone. But Kir speechified at length on Friday, and if anything, I'm more confident of Wego's health than I was before. (Especially since I just held a code review and everyone liked it. If they listen to me, that's a sign that we're going to do okay.)

I had to leave that meeting early to catch my flight to Denver. Felisa and I hung out pretty much all weekend, with short annoying breaks in between. We had a lot of fun (movie, botanic gardens, visiting her church, playing with her dad's digital camera, taking a long walk to see Standley Lake's frozenness) but a weekend is really quite short. The long distance thing can be really annoying. At least she finally has fast Internet access (hint: if you're planning to get Sprint's wireless broadband service in the Westminster area, be prepared for really stupid delays).

FedEx has managed to really annoy me. The other day I used their site to print a shipping label (which worked quite well, despite being somewhat...bizzarre in its navigation) for a package (incidentally, Felisa's Christmas present (yes, I know. shut up.)). Yesterday as I was leaving for work, I came across a notice that FedEx had tried to drop off a package (I sleep through anything).

I checked the tracking number at work, which told me only that it originated in Minnesota. I hadn't ordered anything from Minnesota; in fact, I hadn't ordered anything in weeks. I called FedEx to tell them that I would be picking up the package at the station, and they told me that the package was from Central Litho Somebody. ?

So I make sure to leave work in time to catch the 6:04, which I miss, and end up in the city at around 7:15. After waiting for over 20 minutes for taxis to show up at the train station, of all silly places for one to want to catch a cab, I gave up and took MUNI, ending up in the general area with maybe 15 minutes to spare.

Jog. Jog jog jog. Jog jog jog jog jog. A mile or 2 later, I remember that whoever put San Francisco together was on crack, and I'm a largish number of blocks away from the FedEx station, with maybe 2 minutes until they close. Run run run run run run run. I sign for the package and then walk several miles through the Tenderloin, finally get back to my apartment, and discover that I received...

Envelopes. "Thank you for taking the time to open a FedEx account at fedex.com. To help you get started, we've enclosed your personalized FedEx Express account card and shipping supplies."

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