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Thu 2001-01-11 - 14:18

And a month later, I finally update the log...

I flew back to Colorado for Christmas and stayed with my family for a week. I went out with Felisa, who I had been going out with for a while in high school, and now we're back together. "Together" being a somewhat dubious term, us being 1273.2 miles apart, but we're doing the long distance thing.

I finally did some serious cleaning of my apartment and got rid of all the boxes and things in the middle of the floor. So it's fairly clean, albeit spartan. I've got a couple of friends coming up to San Francisco to hang out tonight.

Apparently NetZero has undergone its final transformation from annoying and useless to pure ecvil. I've never understood why people put up with these services. I understand having a budget and stuff, but really, you end up spending more time and effort trying to work around the awful quality than you save.

My girlfriend and her family use NetZero. I'll have to convince them to join the boycott.

I wanted to work from home today, but I came to the office because my boss wanted me to talk to the QA people. But they're all mysteriously missing. I find this out after I walk through pouring rain, of course.

Sun 2001-01-21 - 01:50

It's been a #k5 weekend. Yesterday danp and I met and ate dinner, which was good. I was moved by the discussion, and am quite seriously considering joining the disciples of DJB.

Then today, Rusty, Bret, hurstdog, Shannon, cyndrekit, and I all got together for a night of drunken carousing. hurstdog, Shannon, cyndrekit, and I grabbed dinner at the new Thai place down the street (bringing the number of Thai restaurants on my block to 3), and then went to the Metreon to join Rusty and Bret.

We found a stand of Things For Sale, which had 2 large plasma widescreen displays. We ogled them for a bit, as Rusty tried to figure out why purchasing one would be a Good Investment. When he said, "I wouldn't mind hooking one of those up to my workstation. I wonder what the resolution is?", I suddenly noticed several things.

A mouse pointer. And a light gray bar across the bottom of the screen, such as one might find after one has set one's Windows taskbar to "auto hide". As the rest of the group backed away, I took appropriate action, which was, of course, to open up Notepad.


Kuro5hin 4ever!!!

We watched Snatch, which is by all accounts a bizarre movie. At least it settled into something similar to a linear arrangement by the end of the movie. The girls liked all of it except for the punching, which I just can't understand. Punching is an integral part of any successful film. And that was it.

Rusty mentioned that someone had been working at the stand as I was typing on their computer. That was amusing to know after the fact. I had fully expected someone to come up and escort me out of the building. Plans are under development for the next 31337 Metreon h4x0ring incident.

"It's a 4-tonne truck, Tyrone. It's not exactly a package of peanuts."

Mon 2001-01-22 - 16:04

Well, apparently the French can't stop obsessing about the idea that someone might choose to sell their Nazi war memorabilia. I submitted a Slashdot story, but the rumors are that Slashdot has some kind of prejudice against The Register. I tend to doubt that, myself, but we'll see.

I did some digging, and I found contact information for the lawyer responsible:

Charles Korman
42 rue du Louvre
75001 PARIS

+33 (0)1-45-08-08-08

Korman is a barrister with LICRA (why oh why can't they have a .fr domain?). Courtesy of Infobel, we can get all sorts of information, including a map of the area.

I plan to call him up and express my displeasure as soon as it's office hours in France.

Thu 2001-02-01 - 03:03

Busy week. I worked from home on Monday and got a bunch done (thankfully I'm working with an applet now, which means a break from trying to shoehorn Java into acting like a high-quality general-purpose programming language (by which I mean Lisp)). Swing's fun--in theory. It's easy to build stuff with, but I keep running into bugs in the implementation, or requirements that aren't actually stated in the docs. Swing programs do look so purty, though.

I'd been somewhat frustrated due to the lack of any personal coding projects; work's been sucking the energy out of me. So I basically decided to just start picking smallish projects and doing them, just to get into the rhythm of it. (I don't really feel like starting on either of the 2 largish projects I've got planned out quite yet.) I wrote some Perl to suck down a batch of Kuro5hin diaries, and also some Emacs Lisp to paste IRC selections into HTML easily (which I'll post when I have cleaned up).

Felisa had a homework project, which involved illustrating some quote or other, about how people don't see happiness, or beauty, and children do, or something. So I helped out by taking a beach, a guy, and kids, and gimping them into manufactured photographic history. I thought the proportions were wrong on the kids, but she exercised editorial control, or subliminal girlfriend control, or something similarly nefarious.

I'm pretty excited about this weekend, since I'm flying to Colorado so Felisa and I can do stuff. First, though, I have to brave tomorrow's code review that Venkat set up when I wasn't looking, and also figure out what happened to my keys. This, incidentally, is why I am at work coding and spewing random HTML thoughts. It shouldn't be too hard to break into my apartment, and I'm hoping the keys are there, but if not I'll have to bug the manager for the extra set of keys.

Off to make my code less lame...

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