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Fri 2000-07-01 - 23:30

I'm in Arizona with my family right now, for this conference retreat deal that our church went to. Everyone else seems thrilled to pieces to be here, but I'm a little more ambivalent. They started the conference with a big sermon on how God's put all our sins behind him, and they won't ever be brought up again. Then they start every talk afterward by bringing up all our great sins and how wicked we were/are, depending on the topic. Oh well. At least they're sincere.

Anyway, I've been using my Visor compulsively during the trip. I got the modem module, so every morning before getting in the car I downloaded my mail using Top Gun Postman and prefetched any interesting pages using ProxiWeb. I really wish I had a wireless modem, but this is great.

I got the Stowaway keyboard, too, and it's a lot of help, especially in a the back of a bouncing van when it's hard to hold the stylus steady. (BTW, props to the Think Outside guys for a cool installation procedure. No weenie self-extracting Windows executables. Their instructions basically read "Windows: double-click on the keyboard.prc file. Mac: drag the keyboard.prc file onto the installer." I just used pilot-xfer. <g>) I was actually able to keep up with the mailing lists I'm on, and I also wrote an 800-word essay which I'll be posting here in the near future. Only problem is, I have one of the units with faulty DRAM, so I was quite paranoid about syncing it with my dad's laptop more often than I normally would have, which kinda negated the benefits of a itty bitty PDA. Hopefully Handspring will have an OS patch out soon.

Last night at about midnight, I was ready to send the emails I had written, but the other members of the room I'm staying in were asleep, and I didn't want to wake them. As I was examining a phone on the wall in the lobby, Mr. Deloglos, my former chemistry teacher and a member of this church, walked up. The look on his face as I ripped the phone off the wall and plugged in my Visor was truly priceless.

Sun 2000-07-16 - 18:39

I'm back from Arizona, only now I'm in California. I meant to update my site more often as things unfolded, but I was lazy. Anyway, I flew out yesterday afternoon, got a taxi, and showed up at the motel. Everything was flowing quite smoothly, except when I got to the Good Nite Inn and found out they had no reservation for me.

Backtracking a little here, let me point out that I had submitted an online reservation on Wednesday. Thing is, though, their setup is one of the more peculiar that I've seen. When you fill out the form, an email is sent to some random guy, who then faxes the email to the people at each location. Apparently mine never got faxed. I must remember to have their Web designer experience the joys of thumbscrews.

Anyway, today I was wandering around Redwood City, trying to find a motel within walking distance of WeGo, except none of them have any rooms. Finally I end up on Main Street, so I decide to wander over to work. I'm a day early, and it's 6pm Sunday afternoon, but what the hey. The place is closed up and empty, so I'm getting ready to head back to the motel when I see this lady walking toward the door.

"Hey!" I yell. She turns, probably reaching for pepper spray or something. "Do you work here?" She says yes, and I tell her so do I. It turns out this is Hollman Wong, and she lets me in. I borrow her computer and look for motels in Redwood City. They are all full, especially Tuesday and Wednesday. Hollman suggests I try the Hotel Sofitel, which is listed on Yahoo as a "chain of luxury hotels". Oh boy. Not at all expensive. But I'm desperate, so I try them. They have 319 rooms, and they are all full.

Finally I call Patti, WeGo's senior recuiter. She informs me that there is a convention in town this week. I guess that it is Tuesday and Wednesday. "Well," she says, "Hollman's our events manager, so she knows all the tricks. I'll be in to work tomorrow and I'll find you a place." Hollman mutters things about "passing the buck".

[person X], a marketing something-or-other, is here too, and she's logged me into a spare W2K machine. Of course its Backspace and arrow key mappings are all screwed up, but at least I can telnet to my ISP and run Emacs.

I'm bored...

Thu 2000-07-27 - 19:51

So things are pretty interesting. I've settled in to my new job, and I meant to update my log more often, but oh well. I got lazy. Heh. I haven't checked my mail in like a week now.

Anyway, in my first couple of days I found several bugs or deprecated calls, and these guys were like, "okay, fix it". Within an hour or so I had it fixed in the CVS tree. Major contrast from Sun.

Oh yes, I found a bug in PostgreSQL, of all things. They changed the timestamp format to allow centisecond precision, but didn't bother to update the JDBC interface. Outrage was heard here, and I'm happy, since I got to submit a patch. It's not the Linux kernel, but it's still cool.

Interesting factoid: My new employers host Gnutella, although being the non-copyright-violating out-of-it guy that I am, I didn't find that out until now. Anyway, with the ruling against Napster, our servers are getting hammered. It's pretty funny, getting Slashdotted with no Slashdot involvement. But it's good, because like Keith (one of the QA guys) said, "Cool, they're doing my load-testing for me.", and everything is holding up really well.

I'm still apartment-hunting. I found one place that was pretty cool, except that it felt weird, being a gated community and all. Then people reminded me to take taxes into account, and although I figured I could guess how much that would be, I went and asked Barry (VP of technology/my boss) about how much I would have to pay. My loud shouts and sobbing was apparently audible from a distance, because Spencer informed me, "Tim, you're gonna be quite impressed with the creative ways your government reams you financially. Wait until you sell stock." Which leaves me wishing once again that people weren't such stupid jerks, so communism could work.

A bunch of other stuff happened, but I'm bored now. Oh yeah. I got a cell phone. If you think I care enough to talk to you, email me and I might give you the number. And my webcam is up and running now, from the dark depths of the WeGo compund. I need a better viewing angle, though. The picture looks funny when it's always staring down from this giant monitor.

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