Tim's Befunge Compiler


Tim's Befunge Compiler (or The Befunge Compiler, so as not to be possessive, or simply TBC) is a pseudocompiler for Befunge-93 source files. It is written in ANSI C, and it outputs an ANSI C version of its input file. This output file contains the Befunge program, already loaded into an array, and the guts of Chris Pressey's b93 interpreter.

Just for kicks, I'll emphasize this. TBC does not actually compile the Befunge program. Instead, it creates an executable similar to Visual Basic, in that it is not compiled all the way. However, since Befunge is already its own pseudocode, it gets placed directly in the executable. This cuts down on speed, but also lets you have self-modifying programs, which is a Cool Thing.


Compile the source code and place the executable where you normally place executables. Put the core.int file in the current directory. This contains the interpreter code, shamelessly yanked from Chris Pressey's b93 interpreter.


tbc infile.bf > outfile.c

Note the redirection. Unless you're going to do something else with the output, you'll need that. Finally, run outfile.c through your C compiler.


Off-by-one error

The first version of the Befunge interpreter had an off-by-one error. This has since been fixed, but older Befunge programs are incompatible with the newer interpreter. Chris has an option to emulate that bug; I don't. If you don't want to bother fixing your program, change the variable v10err_compat to 1 in the output C program.


TBC supports directives in a very simple way: it eats them. If you have a b97 program that uses them, it will probably crash in a spectacular way. Solution: don't try compiling them, or add support.

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If you want, you can also get precompiled binaries.

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