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So Chris Pressey's site is not dead, and hasn't been for some time. Several people have pointed this out to me over time, but I've just never gotten around to updating things. I never did get back to my Funge projects; if I can find it I'll post the Java Funge environment I had working.

Yet Another Update

I have been way too busy to even think of Temporal Funge. Hopefully I can get to it this summer.

An Update

Funge links and downloads now available here, including mirrors of cats-eye.com!

Sadly, the main Funge web site seems to have dropped off the Net, along with most of the Funge programmers' pages, so it appears that I have become the maintainer of the Funge flame. I have made a local mirror of the spec itself, and I have set up a SourceForge project for the Funge community, with a mailing list. Chris's original pages are still available, but I don't know how long that will last. Also note that you'll have to do some URL hackery, since he had a lot of absolute links.

I'm currently working on Temporal Funge, a time-travel superset of Concurrent Funge-98 (yes, you heard right =). Some issues are currently being fleshed out, but expect to see more here in the future.


Funge is the general name for all fungoid programming languages. This includes Unefunge, Befunge, and Trefunge. The only difference between these languages are the number of dimensions. Yes, dimensions.

Befunge-93 was originally designed with the express purpose of being impossible to compile. Therefore, besides its multidimensional nature, it includes such features as self-modifying code. Later additions to Funge have added more features, such as file input and output, and multithreaded programming (Concurrent Funge).

Now, the Funge-98 spec should hopefully provide a clear, consistent, and easy to use (ha!) approach to funges. For more information, please view the official Funge-98 Specification.


TBC is the Befunge-93 compiler that I wrote. It's more of a pseudocompiler, actually. It shoves the Befunge program into an array in a new C program, which includes the interpreter. This gives you cross-platform compatibility, but no speed increase. Oh, well. Info here.

Promo Graphic

On the Befunge mailing list a while back, there was discussion about getting t-shirts printed up with a cool graphic promoting Befunge. However, the current version at the time was Befunge-97, a horribly complicated thing which was (officially, at least), superseded by Funge-98.

In honor of this, I have created my own graphic, which would be useful for that purpose, if anyone wants to try...

Unfortunately, it's incredibly expensive ($165 US) to print a graphic on a black shirt. So I created a version of the graphic for a white shirt, which even has better lettering in places, I think...

CGI Script

I've actually written a simple CGI script in Befunge. It doesn't do much, but it parses out the value of the variable and unencodes the spaces. It's intended to be passed a response to the question, "What is your name?".

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