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My Stuff

The Punnetizer - creates Punnet squares (biology/genetics) and analyze the outcomes. Outputs in plain text, tab-separated ASCII, HTML, and LaTeX. I wrote this to get out of manually making a huge one in biology class. My buddy Erik was the impetus for this.

StreamLog - magically downloads the latest rotated compressed logfile from a web server via FTP and filters out your site only as it streams. Helpful for dialup users through a cron job.

journal-mode - an Emacs mode to easily maintain a simple journal. I used to use this at work.

SPLASH - xmessage on steroids.

The Toys Collection - Java utility classes. Only one right now. - download a fresh batch of Kuro5hin (or any other Scoop site) diaries, for use with Plucker or whatever. I get my daily dose of diaries on the train, and leave the actual articles for the 17-inch screen.

LDAP libraries [sig] - currently at version 0.9. This allows Common Lisp programs to access LDAP via the OpenLDAP client utilities. Requires PORT from CLOCC and NET.QUADIUM.TOYS (included). Tested on CMUCL. The Subversion repositories are accessible at:

Java version info - display information about the currently running Java version. Works as an applet, a command-line application, or a Java Web Start application.

RPC-API - make XML-RPC APIs easily available to clients by providing stub libraries in multiple languages.

Stuff I've Done To Other People's Stuff

pilot-mail - part of the pilot-link package, this transfers mail to and from a PalmOS device. I've added some minor hacks so it does the things I want. If you want a version with more comprehensive improvements, try pilot-mailsync.

Dormant Stuff

Funge - my repository for the legends of the most twisted, self-modifying, multidimensional language. Will feature time travel when I get around to it.

Soli Deo Gloria

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